Where can I find a Liverpool Dentist?

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Has it been a while since you visited your Liverpool dentist for a checkup? The American Dental Association encourages patients of all ages to plan on scheduling two checkups a year to benefit from the oversight and personalized services of a professional. At Pinnacle Dental Group, we welcome the opportunity to help you and your loved ones establish and maintain excellent oral health. Offering a sweeping range of advanced services, we emphasize the importance of preventive care, so that you and your loved ones can avoid the development and progression of serious dental conditions.

One of the most common dental issues is the cavity. Despite the fact that the enamel of your teeth is the hardest substance in the human body, small shallow holes called cavities can still develop in the teeth, exposing inner tooth structure that is exquisitely sensitive to stimuli such as the temperature of food and beverages. These shallow holes aren’t just created by chance! Colonies of harmful bacteria live inside the dental plaque, which is the sticky film that naturally accumulates around our teeth and gums. These bacteria thrive on sugar, and release acids, which slowly cause the teeth to decay. If left untreated tooth decay will continue to encroach upon the innermost portions of the tooth to create more serious consequences to your oral health and wellbeing.

Enter your experienced Liverpool dentist. At Pinnacle Dental Group, we offer the most gentle and precise treatment for cavities. Once all of the damaged tooth structure has been gently and precisely removed, we provide a suitable restoration to restore the appearance and function of the involved tooth. We offer the finest quality tooth colored fillings and customized dental crowns, carefully sculpted to the shade, shape, and proportions most suited to your smile. We can also help you to prevent cavities in the future. With a proper oral care regimen at home, along with semi-annual trips to our office for routine oral exams and professional teeth cleanings, we can help to keep your smile sparkly clean and free from tooth decay!

If it’s been six months or longer since your last checkup, plan on visiting your Liverpool dentist right here at Pinnacle Dental Group. To schedule your next appointment for preventive care, call us today!

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